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Campaign Themes

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You'll be able to use the filters above to find and learn about specific campaigns by country and field.

Why should YOU support a campaign?

We are currently trapped in a system that chases endless growth, rewards ecological destruction and that praises efforts that only offer the illusion of reducing harm. As we cross climate tipping points, we will experience worsening heat waves, crop failures, droughts, floods, forest fires, political instability, water shortages, violent storms, washed out roads and bridges, dry rivers and more.

But with the right strategy we can change course as we renew HOPE and AGENCY over our future.


Choose a theme and a sponsorship package to support the campaign of your choice.

Your “brand” can help our mission to increase popular awareness and build political support for massive policy change. 

More and more individuals, organizations and companies are connecting their "brand" to our mission.

Join us in our shared mission to save the planet!

Image by Tania Malréchauffé
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