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Welcome to the
Scorpion's Tail Club
Image by Michael Shannon
What is the Club

The Scorpion's Tail Club is a discreet forum for influential leaders from the banking, insurance, pension, and investment sectors to interact, discuss and - most importantly- take immediate action to minimize the risk of climate change-related events at the extreme margins of probability (tail risks).




OUR MISSION is to help catalyze a change in the conditions for economic growth away from "profits at all costs", and towards "sustainable profits" achieved within global environmental limits, to ensure "planetary solvency".

THE NEED: A growing number of influential leaders from the banking, insurance, pension, and investment sectors increasingly understand the consequences of climate-related tail risks for their industries and overall planetary solvency as described in the 2024 "Climate Scorpion" report.


But these same leaders also need a “safe” place to collectively and frankly discuss and strategize about these pressing challenges without fear of the potential damage to their personal or professional reputations that could come from discussing the “extreme” scenarios in mainstream forums.

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THE SOLUTION: The Scorpion's Tail Club - the Club - offers a unique forum where, operating under Chatham House rules, financial leaders can gather through a series of high level members-only events to engage in discreet and candid discussions about extreme risks and threats to solvency (see themes here and here), evaluate system-changing options and alternatives at the "extreme" edge of mainstream discussions, and take action to prepare for the inevitable economic, political, and social shifts that will accompany an increasingly risk-laden environmental and business landscape.​

As the Club works to influence policies and legislation that remediate the worst consequences of climate change, Club members benefit by both contributing to de-risking that future for their industries as well as those they serve, while also creating the foundation of a new economic ethos needed for a sustainable future. All without risking personal or business credibility.

OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES reflect "3 Laws of Business" that serve as the conceptual foundation guiding Club activities towards results that will ensure long-term sustainability, profitability and planetary solvency.

3 LAWS OF BUSINESS: Similar to the 3 Laws of Robotics designed to ensure that robots will cause no harm to humans, the Scorpion’s Tail Club has devised 3 Laws of Business that are similarly designed to prevent business activities that harm people and the underlying environmental systems upon which we depend. The goal is to create "economic guardrails"to ensure long-term sustainability and profitability and prevent business from undermining the viability of the very systems upon which it depends, resulting in instability, uncertainty and, ultimately, insolvency. All Club events, roundtables, working groups, discussions, policy recommendations, legislation strive to reflect these 3 Laws with the single goal of creating the desired clarity of purpose needed to ensure sustainable profits and planetary solvency.

The 1st Law

A corporation may not permanently degrade [or support degradation of] the ability of an ecosystem or human being to sustain itself and others who rely on it.

The 2nd Law

A corporation may pursue profits to ensure its continued existence so long as such pursuit does not conflict with law #1.

The 3rd Law

A corporation may only ignore law #1 when it can prove that the harm done would ultimately be outweighed by the benefit to humanity AND the environment.

By providing a framework of principles [rooted in policy and legislation] that enable sustainable profits and growth while ensuring financial and planetary solvency, the 3 Laws of Business become a powerful "anchor" for the concept of Doughnut Economics which similarly strives for [business] activity to take place within maximum environmental limits [and minimum social limits].  


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The Scorpion’s Tail Club serves as an action-oriented coordinating hub that goes beyond just talking about what's happening, "unifying" the efforts of like-minded individuals & organizations to change systemic policies guiding business activity.

Together, we aim to synthesize “like-minded” policy recommendations and concepts into a unified stance compliant with the 3 laws of business (see above), giving regulators and decision makers clear, focused policy positions with supporting legislation needed to transition economic activity towards prioritizing sustainable profits instead of profits-at-all-costs, to ensure planetary solvency.



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Climate Scorpion's Tail Club members can join 1 or more of the 4 working group theme-areas which provide the thematic focus for each of the 4 bi-monthly events held during the course of the year. As shown in the diagram above, each thematic working group prepares the topic-specific policy papers and legislation that reflect the 3 Laws of Business.

The 4 working group theme-areas are:


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