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Ian Kaplan


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Ian Kaplan is an experienced cleantech, digital health, and fintech startup entrepreneur with years of strategic business development, fundraising & marketing experience. Ian’s specialty is structuring entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups and then executing both early-stage and growth-stage business development, using both guerilla marketing and more traditional marketing strategies, online events with audience networking through a bespoke proprietary networking platform focused on climate change, and other bold strategies to tell compelling stories that stand out and so bring people together around a common vision and mission.

Brad Zarnett


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Brad Zarnett brings a successful track record as a sustainability consultant, entrepreneur and the founder of the world’s largest sustainability speaker series, TSSS. The explosive success of TSSS, launched in 2007, inspired and connected thousands from around the world. While the project was never intended as a business platform and was thus never capitalized for global growth, it was built to inspire and connect in one city/country and it succeeded beyond expectations. Building on that success, Brad is involved in several ventures aimed at shedding light on what's wrong with the current system of commerce which is at the root of today's poly-crisis, and working to help address it.

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