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"Climate Tipping Points
& Investment Risks"

Online Event
Wednesday May 29
8 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST
Are climate tipping points putting your investments and retirement at risk? Mainstream financial strategists aren't talking about this.

So we're giving the stage to alternative voices.
24 thought leaders.
3 topics.
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Economic activity is pushing the climate over the edge.

Economics must become ECO-nomics.
The pursuit of growth and profits must remain within environmental and climate limits.

We are
The climate awareness and policy change group

Our Mission

Promote 3 Laws of Economic Activity to ensure the continuity of economic activity, societal well-being and environmental sustainability

The First Law

A corporation may not permanently degrade [or support degradation of] the ability of an ecosystem or human being, beyond its ability to sustain itself and others who rely on it.

The Second Law

A company may pursue profits to ensure its continued existence so long as such pursuit does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

The Third Law

A corporation may only ignore the First Law when it can prove that ultimately the harm done would be outweighed by the benefit to humanity AND the environment in general.

Connect the Dots

Through social media and online events, and together with leading-edge thought leaders, story-tellers and marketing partners, we begin by engaging with a range of strategic stakeholder groups to explore the connection between our everyday decisions, climate change, and the personal (individual or corporate) consequences.

Raise the Voices

We continue by cooperatively mobilizing the strategic stakeholder groups who have "connected the dots" through focused campaigns and events to coalesce strategic frameworks defining the desired alternative regulatory policies and frameworks needed to ensure social, environmental and economic continuity beyond the usual quarterly or electoral cycle horizon.

Spread the Word

Systemic and structural change requires buy-in. So together with our partners, we expand the campaigns to build popular support for the alternative frameworks - and the benefit they would deliver - to empower the strategic stakeholders and politicians to make the needed change, knowing that such a move has been de-risked.

Choose Better!

Come election time, voters can decide who to vote for based on the data-driven performance statistics of the candidates. Knowing that there is now a mechanism in place that ensures both accountability and transparency, politicians are incentivized to out-compete each other to see who can do the most to advance legislation and policies in line with the citizens’ demands for action enabled by the declaration of a climate emergency!

Engage With Us For Progress

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Coming Soon!
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Coming Soon!

Join us in our mission to save the planet!

Hundreds of people with diverse skills have already signed up to help, and we believe that everyone has a role to play.

We're looking for people with expertise in marketing, social media, advertising, graphic design, video, storytelling, sustainability, political campaigning, grant writing, sustainability and more.

If you think you can help, please click below and complete the short Google Form.

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