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"Climate Tipping Points
& Investment Risks"

Online Event
Wednesday May 29
8 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST
Are climate tipping points putting your investments and retirement at risk? Mainstream financial strategists aren't talking about this.

So we're giving the stage to alternative voices.
24 thought leaders.
3 topics.
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Climate change is here -
but don't despair!

We're giving people something we all crave -
a sense of HOPE and influence over our future.

We are
The climate awareness and policy change group

Our Strategy

To empower politicians across the democratic global north to declare a climate emergency so that they will take appropriate policy and legislative action, fast.

We have a 3 step strategy, and then the 4th step is up to YOU!

Connect the Dots

Together with leading-edge thought leaders, story-tellers and marketing partners, we're leading a massive awareness campaign throughout the democratic Global North. Using a combination of social media, mainstream advertising and people on the ground, we explain the connection between our everyday decisions, climate change, and the personal consequences.

Unite the Voices

After raising awareness through the campaigns in step 1, the campaigns in all countries change to adopt the same unified demand for action by local politicians: "Declare a climate emergency and implement meaningful policies that reduce environmental destruction NOW. No more long term promises! This unified electoral bloc compels politicians to declare the climate emergency.

Monitor the Progress

Once a climate emergency is declared, we track in real-time each politician’s environmentally- and socially-oriented political and legislative activity to determine the contribution to progress towards achieving intermediate milestones on the path to reaching the final goal(s) as defined by the UN’s Net-Zero by 2050 strategy.

Choose Better!

Come election time, voters can decide who to vote for based on the data-driven performance statistics of the candidates. Knowing that there is now a mechanism in place that ensures both accountability and transparency, politicians are incentivized to out-compete each other to see who can do the most to advance legislation and policies in line with the citizens’ demands for action enabled by the declaration of a climate emergency!

Engage With Us For Progress

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Coming Soon!
Image by Isaac Smith


Coming Soon!

Join us in our mission to save the planet!

Hundreds of people with diverse skills have already signed up to help, and we believe that everyone has a role to play.

We're looking for people with expertise in marketing, social media, advertising, graphic design, video, storytelling, sustainability, political campaigning, grant writing, sustainability and more.

If you think you can help, please click below and complete the short Google Form.

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