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"Climate Tipping Points
& Investment Risks"

Online Event
Wednesday May 29
8 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST
Are climate tipping points putting your investments and retirement at risk? Mainstream financial strategists aren't talking about this.

So we're giving the stage to alternative voices.
24 thought leaders.
3 topics.
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Event Theme
How do we reconcile investment and retirement strategies whose payouts rely on perpetual growth, from within an economic system whose continued pursuit of never-ending growth is driving us towards dangerous ecosystem tipping points?
3 Perspectives
The Growth Perspective:
As continued economic growth pushes up against ecological limits and climate tipping points are breached, what are the implications for your investment and retirement strategies whose payouts are dependent on endless growth?
The Governance Perspective:
Where do climate tipping points and governance inevitably meet as the consequences of climate change demand government intervention, and what does this mean for your financial security?
The Risk Perspective:
How do you prevent your retirement plans from imploding as we breach climate tipping points and the old standard of growth is no longer an option.
24 Thought Leaders
Listed by order of appearance
(subject to change)
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